So long ago so far away

That distant shore I can’t attain

Silver gray and blue is too

Remember me I miss you

Tears fall down and run away

AI can’t hold on and you can’t stay

Pounding waves caress the shore

I know I’ve felt this way before

Sweet aroma on the wind

Kiss and tell my green leafed friend

Boyhood dreams to soon grow old

Golden years obscured by clouds

Sunset colors fading light

Seagulls pierce the spreading night

Cold North wind push me along

So help me now into the warm

The Sun and rage beneath the storm

The darkness thrills the brightness calms

So crying now “my heart is strong”

Please let this cadence bring resolve

(Don’t let those bastards play our song)


  Reflection on longing while hiking in the redwoods near the pacific ocean in Marin County.  19 or so old when I wrote this.