My non human encounters

  This page will be updated over time as I add and more and more of my experiences so please check back from time to time.

Chapter One

The beginning

  I remember my first sighting very clearly despite the intervening decades because it was such a seminal moment in my life.  It was 1972 and I was 13 years old.  I don’t remember what month but I believe it was Summer as it was a warm evening.  It was twilight and us kids were playing outside running around and hiding and chasing each other on the large property we lived on in Ross California a small incredibly affluent town.  Here is an image that is pretty close to what my backyard looked like. And yes it was like a fairy land.  I was enormously  blessed to grow up there.



I was at that particular moment not near any of the other kids when something caught my eye low on the horizon to the west over a small mountain called Mt. Baldy.


I turned and looked stunned as 2 classic flying saucers one following the other flew over Mt Baldy at kind of a medium speed.  Mt Baldy is very low in elevation at 1085.7 feet and only a couple miles from where I was standing.  The conditions where clear as these discs with lighted portals continued on till they disappeared over the shoulder of the mountain giving me plenty of time to see that they were structured and not conventional aircraft.

I rushed into the house and told my parents that I had just seen 2 UFO’s.  My dad didn’t react much my my mom listened and said I should talk to my grandmother, her mom, who lived next door.  I came to learn that my grandmother was into flying saucers and had George Adamski photos and news paper clippings from the Giant Rock UFO gatherings where tens of thousands attended in the 1950’s and George Van Tassel fame.  Also my grandmother gave a lecture on flying saucers at a place before I was born where when I was 18 got a job setting up for bingo games at a Greek inspired building for the San Rafael Improvement Club in San Rafael California.

The San Rafael Improvement Club

Giant Rock


Its interesting to note that many UFO abductees report generational experiences.  So at the young age of 13 I knew the UFO’s were real and that the government was lying to us a realization that has served me well ever since.  Another side note I just remembered.  When I was 5 or 6 I used to sleep with a small toy ray gun under my pillow to protect me from the aliens.  Though I had no memories they still bled through.

Chapter Two

The Return

  What slowly unfolded next is like a science fiction story yet I experienced it.  Fast forward to my early 30’s.  In the intervening years I had read every book that looked interesting on the subject. Knowing their real I very much wanted to understand the nature of the phenomenon.  Obviously not swamp gas or the planet Venus the amount of reports go back to the earliest recorded history.  After the first nuclear bomb detonations there were wave after wave including sightings over Washington DC  and the early contactee claims.   Its a truly vast area of information to try to separate the wheat from the chaff.  My mother’s father was a leading architect and photographer and was commissioned for Los Alamos and made the plans for air conditioning  electrical for them.  This is where the first nuclear bombs dropped on Japan were created.  He also was the official photogragher to document the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The plans for that he designed for Los Alamos were burned on the property I grew up on per his contract.

UFOs over Capitol

    Living near Sedona Arizona now which is a real hub of new age and ET interest I met a lot of extremely interesting and cool people. I can’t remember the exact order of these events because there were so many of them and was over two decades ago.

  One of those people I’ll call Claire.  One of my poems on this website refers to her.  She was an abductee and ran a UFO group and at the time I couldn’t accept that the abductee phenomenon was real. Later as I learned more I remember saying “Abductions are real but it never happened to me.”  She ran a small group of friends that met once a week and through her I met some fascinating people including Tom Dongo.

Tom Dongo

  Over the years as I was friends with Claire my experiences escalated to the point of high strangeness.  Also during this time I was working with an extremely clear and talented psychic on self healing and development and assisted me greatly with processing these events.  I started having dreams that weren’t just dreams.  And my childhood abduction memories started coming back.  Rather then choosing hypnosis I worked with 3 different psychics who taught me how to look into my own trauma and see the pictures they contained.  Then they and I would psychicly look at the pictures and flesh out the experiences.

  What I found is that I was in fact an abductee and at age 4 and 11 was taken and at about 6 or 8 months although not taken was worked on by them at night.  The Secret poem on this website is about these experiences.

The Secret Poem

  The emotions that came up were so intense I had to drive in my car one day on a highway away from where anyone could hear me and scream and scream and scream.

  The one I have chosen to unpack the most is the age 4 abduction.  A small scout ship much like the ones Ed Walters photographed and wrote a book about hovered about 20 feet above the ground in my back yard.  3 grays descend on a blue beam and entered my bedroom.  I woke up, saw them and was gone.  Meaning I was so frightened at a primal level its a fear only other abductees understand.  Not just paralyzing but knocked me completely out of my body.  At this point they took over control of my body.  What they looked like is very close to the cover of Whitley Strieber’s book Communion that rocked so many.  They also seemed to vibrate funny like they were’t quite here in this dimension.  But the most traumatic part of this is just their energy.  Incredibly psychic and so base and awful and indescribable but not evil.  And a hive mind.  Each one of them was the same pair of eyes.

  They took me out and up the blue beam to their scout ship and then to their cigar shaped mother ship.  Inside there were dozens of other little boys and they separated us into 2 lines.  Thank god I wasn’t in the brain implant line.  The inside of the ship was very featureless and rounded with no hard angles and of a light  tanish brown color dimly lit with no apparent light source.  I was placed in a chair a bit like a dentists chair where they took various tissue and fluid samples while a praying mantis type being over saw and directed.  Then my head was tilted back and a tube extended down my throat inserting an organic type of implant into my left lung near my heart.  I was returned with no memory but had some odd physical things happen and come out of my mouth and in the bathroom that I do remember clearly because they were so strange and only happened then.

  With the recovery of these memories I also healed a great deal of the trauma.  I have used the term soul rape to describe the experience because I didn’t just have an orafice invaded my entire body was taken over.  I recovered a part of myself that was stuck in time and began to experience a greater degree of awareness and energy.

hqdefault (1)hqdefault

Chapter Three

Dream Work

  I began to have vivid dreams that I would wake up right out of from.  I don’t remember the exact order or all of them but they were real events at my dream body level that had repercussions in my waking life.  With all the strange events I will detail in the next chapter these dreams are happening concurrently.  I notice a prominent rock formation at the top of a hill many miles away visible from our property.  I just know there’s an alien base underneath.  Its hard to explain but at this point my sensitivity is off the charts.  So the notice me noticing them and pay a visit.  I had a series of three dream encounters with them and here’s the one I best remember.  I’m in our backyard in Arizona.  A small disc 14” or so diameter flies down and moves towards me.  It comes so close that I strike it with an ax.  Jelly like substance oozes out.  I am on gaurd now and walk around the corner of our house and see on the power lines which are only 30 or so yards away a row of  them perching like birds on staring at me.  I get really angry and am so done with their attempts to take me.  I wake up.  It is of course in the early AM still feeling anger boiling through me.  This was the last time this group tried to take me.  They looked very diffrent from the ones that took me in my child hood.Much more to come for this chapter.

Chapter Four

The Sedona Story

To be continued:

My niece.  So much more is coming.  This is very easy to write as all I have to do is remember.