Model Trains

I was given my first model train when I was  5 years old for Christmas.  That would have been 1964.  I still have that first little oval and all the parts of it still work over 5 decades later.  Of course I have added to it on and off over time and recently pulled it out of boxes and am building a new layout pictures of which you can see elsewhere on this site.  Of all the creative mediums I have explored model RR uses the most different skill sets.  Carpentry, electro-mechanical repair and wiring, landscape, painting, structural design ect.  Its kinetic art mork.  3D creation in motion.  And just really fun.  Unlike most model RR’ers I have no interest in creating a realistic reproduction of a previous place and time.  Rather a play world that is beautiful and fun and has steam engines next to modern electrics, Castles and Dragons and radar dishes, Godzilla and UFO’s and no police force because the inhabitants are all cool.  Also there is well over 100 lights on the set probably close to 2 hundred, maybe more.

A couple of observations:  I feel we need to have a creative outlet to be whole and connect with our inner child in that playful brain wave state.  Also its interesting that as large a layout as I have (10 x 10.5 feet) I find myself wanting to expand it by a lot.  It makes me think of rulers want to extend their empire.  Anyway here are some fun video’s you may enjoy.  I will be adding one or more of my own set at some point.

Russia in miniture

Miniture Wonderland