See you again

Moondance and clouds like pillars

Blue stance and dreaming silver

Be steel

Be steal

Be still

Color reflecting spiraling night

Kind of intense to see you again

See you again like waves

Its so strong tonight

Well met again old friend

And now we’re younger

Sunrise takeover

Were you so unprepared

Looking back you can see it

You have command

I have the deck

Spin your card

And step out of it

December trees

Remember me

Somehow we’re closer now

Talking the big river

Certain moments could last forever

Everything is faster now

True names tell me stories

Another Dance in the river

A tree with so many branches

Ripples in the pool under rose colored clouds

My life in the rising bubbles


  This poem is about a women I became involved with as a friend and with her UFO group.  Really wonderful person and we became very good friends.  I was strongly attracted to her as I knew I had known her in previous lifetimes but she was married so I could never tell her.