For the Love of Big Brother (Eurythmics)

This first version is the lyrics I transcribed from listening to the album.  I got some of it wrong but I like what I came up with a little better then the correct version which can be found here.  Lryrics  The song can be found here.  For the Love of Big Brother

Like a train Passing in the distance

Like a bird in flight I hear you call

And even though there’s no-one

Dark shadows move across the wall

I still hear the echoes of your footsteps on the stairs

Still recall the images that seem to linger there

Faces seem like fingerprints

Like scatterings of leaves upon the lawn

People changing places

Passing for a moment then its gone

I still hear the sound upon the stantion from the hall

Look to see who’s  coming but its nothing

And there’s no-one there at all

No one there at all