Notes form the shores of infinity

  The following is a secretly recorded conversation between a Venusian secret agent Streb Rebna, and his buddy on Earth, Doug Hammer, Private eye.

Streb,  “16 seconds is a long time.”

Doug,  “How long is it?

Streb,  “About 20 seconds depending local fluctuations.  But 30 seconds is more like a minute which is really a second.”

Doug,  ” I don’t follow you.”

Streb,  “Exactly!  You see those times fall into the negative cycle which becomes a blink and you completely miss them.  Whole hours can go by in this fashion.  Then the next thing you know your riveted in the present and each millisecond counts.  That’s when you can time travel through the gaps.  Reality becomes malleable and fluid.  Everything is revealed.  The layers between realities can be seen.  The veils are getting thinner and lifting.”

Doug.  “I got your veils right here know what I’m saying.”

Streb.  “Whatever…………….”

Doug.  “Hahahaha………..”


I may write more about these 2 characters.