Heartfelt Dreams

Is this real is this a dream

Heavens dance on heartfelt beam

Eyes of love are touching you

And they will see you through

So high up and so far down

On your magic merry go round

Like a gem that’s caught in time

As a gift left to remind

Though the eyes of the sun have set

Their warming rays haven’t left me yet

When your so close

And so far away

So peace comes after the storm

Shells break illusions reform

Now that life is new again

What a blessing you’ve been old friend

Oh my love can’t you see

That you were heaven sent to me

Its a dream come realized

The love glowing in your eyes

Walk with me a golden path

Forever on our love will last

When your so close

And your here to stay


  Another very autobiographical poem and very intense.  I had a dream that I met Suzanne.  The reality that followed matched the dream in so many details that I’m still blown away.  In the dream I’m in a very large white paintedspace with all my friends and my best friend walks up to me with a gorgeous young lady and our eyes lock.  As the dream progresses her and I fall in love.  3 days later I’m playing a gig with my band in a large white auditorium and the same scenario in real life unfolds.  I probably did 50 or so revisions to this poem after she left me to process  the experience refined down from loss to the pure gift of being with her again this time around.  I put this up with anything ever written.  Not from ego.  Suprised it even came out of me.