Ariel sweet Ariel

Heavens parting to reveal

Intense desire is to feel

Activate me

Electric women of the night

Glowing so intensely bright

You shower me with delight

Such ectsasy

Drifting high above the clouds

Hoping never to come down

Peaceful waves caress the sound

Of laughing

Silver dreams of golden light

As fantasies again take flight

Such a soft and furry plight

I’m dreaming

Other worlds can open doors

Ancient waves caress the shore

Once again I ask for more

I’m knowing

Watching space curve into to time

Searching for the octave rhyme

To be sharing me with mine

I’m free

Standing now on higher ground

Eye of truth to look around

As on my head is placed a crown



 This is about a real encounter which reminds me of the Steve Martin quote which I am paraphrasing.  ” Sex is one of the most beautiful, electrifying, and transformational things that money can buy.”  I don’t mean to diminish this poem with some sillyness and only rarely have I availed my self to services and never while in a relationship.  I really felt like an angel found me and lifted me up and re-energized me in my loneliness and this poem came out all in a rush.