Love fades away sometimes

When you feel the pull pass you by

You feel the fool

Because you didn’t tell her you cared

Oh Suzanne, oh how I cried for you

Can you see me now

Can you hear me now

Can you touch me now

Can you heal me now

Love finds a way sometimes

When you feel the pull grasp you by

Feel so good

Now that I know that you care

Oh lover, I waited so long for you

I can see you now

I can hear you now

 I can feel you now

I can touch you now


  Another love song about a another love named Suzanne.  I feel in love with her the very moment I saw her.  She became the lead singer in my band and I pined and pined for her in unrequited love in my shy insecurity.  Then one night she became a bit flirty and feely on the way home from a concert in  San Francisco.   Love her to this day and got to reconnect with her on FB.  Wrote some very good music for these lryics which I will post on this website.  And had lots of precognitive dream time as well.  Also have recordings of her singing in our band that I will post.